Swoop swoops up fish in the new year

Tina Harbuck
Todd Reed of Iowa shows off an Almaco Jack and a red grouper he caught Thursday while fishing aboard the Swoop with Capt. Nick Price. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

What better way to start the New Year than hooking up with some fish.

Such was the case for 32 lucky anglers that ventured out on the party boat Swoop with Capt. Nick “Slay Daddy” Price on Thursday.

The boat backed in a little after 2 o’clock and the deckhands unloaded a huge tub of fish filled with stringers of mingo, Almaco Jack, red grouper and more.

“It was nice out for this time of year,” Price said.

The temperature was a bit warm with some slow rolling waves that hampered a few folks, but all in all it was a good day on the water.

“The fish are definitely still there, but it was a slow bite,” Price said.

As soon as the fish were unloaded, folks were more than happy to hold up their catches for photos.

Todd Reed of New Market, Iowa, was holding up two fish, an Almaco Jack and a red grouper.

“I got them back to back,” Reed said. “It wore me out.”

Judy Jakes, who was visiting from Austin, Texas, held up her Almaco Jack.

“It was hard … I had to have help,” she said.

Apparently her fishing line got a little wrapped up with the person next to her. But she persevered and got it in.

The group aboard the boat also landed another Almaco but it suffered from the bite of a shark. As a matter of fact, the deckhand said the shark bit the Almaco three times, which was very apparent from the bite marks left on what was left of the fish.

And believe it or not the Swoop also went out on Wednesday, which was extremely foggy.

Capt. Price said it was a little tricky getting through the pass. He said he had his three deckhands on the bow of the boat as lookouts. Once past that, radar was the way to navigate. And they did catch fish.

Fishing is good so come on down while the getting is good.

See you at the docks.

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