Fish are not the only thing biting

Tina Harbuck

In my more than 30 years of covering the fishing docks in Destin, this reporter experienced a new first on the docks this week.

While the deckhands on the party boat Destiny were unloading the tubs of fish and pulling out the stringers they were mobbed by the usual pod of pelicans waiting for a handout. The guys don’t feed them, but the pelicans do wait for some little morsel of fish guts to fall to the ground.

Well, I was standing nearby the cleaning table and I went to pull my iPhone out of my pocket to snap a couple of photos when I felt something clamp down on my hand.

Much to my surprise it was one of the pelicans.

I immediately snatched my hand away and shooed the pelican. It didn’t hurt, but it did feel kind of weird. I think more than anything it startled me.

Guess the pelican thought the phone was a fish or something.

Anyhow, the pelicans didn’t bother me anymore. The deckhands kind of kept them at bay with the water hose.

Back to the fish, which is why I was down at the docks in the first place.

Capt. Dennis Kendricks and his 20-plus anglers on the Destiny had a big time on Wednesday.

“It couldn’t have been any better … it was beautiful out,” said Jim Phillips of Austin, Texas, as he held up his stringer filled with huge mingo.

Roger Duncan of Alaska also had a big catch of mingo as well as Larry Quinn of Minnesota.

George Paige and Connie Post of Minnesota were more than happy to show off their stringer filled with mingo and white snapper.

There were also a few Almaco Jack in the mix of mingo and white snapper as well.

About 3 o’clock Capt. Cliff Cox on the Sweet Jody backed in with a little over a dozen fishermen with plenty of fish to show for.

They had stringers filled with mingo and white snapper. I also saw a couple of red grouper and Almaco Jack in the mix.

Capt. Cox said it was a great day on the water.

Fishing apparently is pretty good right now. Hop on a boat and give it a try.

See you at the docks, hopefully without a pelican attached to my hand.

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