Sloppy, choppy Monday on the Gulf

Tina Harbuck

The weather man missed it again.

Capt. Dennis Kendrick of the party boat Destiny said the weatherman was calling for 1- to 3-foot seas on Monday, but where he was fishing about 25 miles out, it was 5- to 6-footers.

“It was sloppy, sloppy,” Kendrick said.

Nevertheless he and his 22 anglers aboard the party boat pulled in their share of mingo and white snapper. They also got in on an “amberine rally” on their first stop of the day, one of the deckhands said. Usually where there is one amberine, there are more and they hit like crazy. In addition to the amberine, or banded rudderfish which is its real name, they pulled in a few Almaco Jack, one or two triggerfish and a cusk eel.

The cusk eel was kind of neat to see. Captain said they don’t get many of them bottom fishing. They are usually caught commercial fishing in much deeper water.

The eel was so different that the deckhand wasn’t sure how to clean it, so Capt. Kendrick stepped in and got his hands dirty and showed them how.

The Destiny wasn’t the only party boat on the water on Monday; Capt. Jim Green on the New Florida Girl’s American Spirit took about 30 folks out on a six-hour trip. They brought in several stringers filled with mingo, white snapper, amberine, and a few triggerfish in the mix.

Capt. John Gibson on the party boat Gulf Breeze backed in with several stringers filled with fish. His group also pulled in several mingo, white snapper and a few triggerfish.

The Sweet Jody with Capt. Cliff Cox at the helm ventured out for a five-hour trip.

“It was a little windy this morning so we stayed in on the beach,” Cox said.

They had a nice catch with mingo, white snapper, triggerfish and rockfish in the mix.

“Everybody had a good time,” Cox said.

In addition to the party boats, a few of the charter boats had trips on Monday.

Capt. Joe Quarantro on the Silver Lining and his group pulled in a few mingo and triggerfish before cutting the trip a little short due to rough seas.

Capt. Stan Phillips on the Destination took a group from Wisconsin and Louisiana out for a six-hour trip. His group filled the rack with triggerfish and mingo.

The Fish-N-Fool came in from a four-hour trip with a few mingo and triggerfish.

“It was a little slow at first, but we pulled it out,” said Capt. Casey Weldon.

All in all fishing appears to be good, just the seas are a bit of a problem.

See you at the docks.