It’s been a hit-and-miss week

Tina Harbuck

Some have been successful on the water, while others not so much the last few days.

Blame it on the moon phase, occasional rough seas or just the fact that some fish just didn’t want to bite.

However, there were a few that had no problems on the water and everything just happened to go their way.

One of those boats that had a “hit” this week was the Huntress with Capt. Mike Graef at the helm. He took a group from Mississippi out two days in a row and both days were a hit. On Wednesday, they pulled in as deckhand Carter Phillips said, “Just about everything you can keep.” They had a pair of blackfin tuna, a red grouper, several amberine, scamp, Almaco Jack and several mingo.

The same group went out on Thursday. This time they filled the racks with a couple of mahi mahi, mingo, scamp and several amberine. They had so many fish, one of the guys said his arms were tired from reeling.

Capt. Justin Destin and his group of all female anglers from Texas did it up big on Monday. They filled the nails behind the Un Reel with amberine, scamp, red grouper, mingo and white snapper.

The Backlash with Capt. Chris Kirby backed in with a good catch of amberine and mingo on Monday.

Capt. Preston Mueller on the Home Grown had a “hit” on Monday. They pulled in a nice catch of amberine and Almaco Jack. The biggest success on this trip was that 14-year-old Austin Scott of South Carolina who has been battling cancer, was able to check deep sea fishing off his bucket list.

“I had a great time,” the young man said as they took photos with their catch.

Capt. Joe Quaranto on the Silver Lining took a group out from Tennessee for a fine catch of mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Chris Couvillion of the Sea Winder and Capt. TJ George on the High Cotton took a big group of guys from Mississippi and Alabama out for a good day of fishing on Thursday. Both boats filled the boards with mingo and white snapper. And from all the comparison of catches going on, I’d record it as a “hit.”

Arkansas anglers on the Reel Legend with Capt. Chip Godwin pulled in a big catch of mingo on Thursday.

Capt. Steve Haeusler on the First Light and his group from Texas and Georgia combined for a nice catch of king mackerel, mingo and white snapper on Thursday.

What were the misses? Answer: Those that got sea sick and couldn’t fish or those that didn’t go at all.

However, if you were fortunate to catch enough fish for lunch or dinner, I’d tag that a hit – not a miss.

See you on the docks.

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