Red snapper days are here

Tina Harbuck
Texas and Arizona anglers teamed up on the Un Reel with Capt. Justin Destin to bring in a limit of red snapper, black snapper, mingo, lane snapper and grouper on Monday. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

Red snapper and June go together like peanut butter and jelly — it’s hard to have one without the other.

Saturday was the opening of red snapper season for federally permitted charter boats, which is the majority of the boats in the Destin fleet, and will run through Aug. 1

The recreational season for those boats not holding a federal permit opens June 11 and runs through July 12.

However, in the meantime, there seems to be no shortage of red snapper.

Many of the charters went out over the weekend and on Monday they were back at it again.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, anglers aboard the Game On with Capt. Eric Thrasher brought in their share of red snapper and a grouper.

The limit on red snapper is two per person and the snapper must measure 16 inches to keep.

Texas and Arizona anglers on the Un Reel with Capt. Justin Destin and first mate Jan-Michael Garcia brought in a huge haul and they didn’t discriminate on the snapper. Not only did they have their limit of red snapper, but they had black snapper, lane snapper and white snapper. The white, red and black snapper need no explanation as to color, however, the lane snapper maybe. A lane snapper looks like a red snapper with yellow racing stripes on its back. Some folks say that’s the snapper with butter (the yellow stripes) already in it. In addition to the snapper, the Un Reel came in with a pair of grouper and a bright red Toro.

Anglers on the Silver Lining with Capt. Joe Quaranto and first mate Jake Sargent pulled in a big catch. They had their limit of red snapper, a big black snapper and a king mackerel.

Capt. Stan Phillips on the Destination and his fishermen backed in with a rack full of red snapper along with three grouper.

By noon, Capt. Tony Davis on the Anastasia was backing in at the docks. His anglers from Texas and Kansas had some huge red snapper, lane snapper, black snapper, mingo, grouper and Almaco Jack in the mix. Capt. Davis said they pulled in two 20-pound red snapper on Sunday.

Capt. Chris Kirby and his anglers on the Backlash filled the nails and then some with three grouper, a limit of red snapper and several mackerel.

“We were busy,” said Backlash deckhand Travis Reynolds.

Missouri anglers on the Vengeance with Capt. Matt Pearson and Capt. Kirk Reynolds brought in their share of the red snapper, black snapper and mingo.

Jimmy Vote of Oklahoma and friends on the Just B Cause with Capt. Ken Bolden had a big day. They reeled in their red snapper, a grouper plus a few mingo.

Capt. Bolden said the Gulf was calm and got calmer as the day went on.

Minnesota anglers on the Wahoo with Capt. Steve Regan got in on the red snapper action as well. In addition to snapper, they had a couple of black snapper, and a lane snapper in the mix.

Arkansas anglers on the Miss Nautica with Capt. Jimmy Miles brought in a smorgasbord of fish. They had red snapper, grouper, black snapper, a wahoo, bonito and mingo on the racks.

Anglers on the Sea Winder on with Capt. Chris Couvillion pulled in their red snapper and a cobia.

Texas anglers on the Full Draw with Capt. Brantley Galloway had a nice catch of red snapper, black snapper, mahi mahi and mingo.

Red snapper is here and so is the hot weather. Pack the water or cold beverage and get ready to hook up with one.

See you at the docks.

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