Big red still takes the center nail

Tina Harbuck

With one month down and one more to go, the red snapper is still prominent on the fish racks along Destin harbor.

Red snapper season kicked off June 1 for the federally permitted boats, which is the majority of the charter boats, and goes until Aug. 1.

One would think from all the snapper that has hit the docks during the last month, things would start to dwindle down. But there seems to be no end to the red snapper.

Monday, the snapper took center nail on several of the boats.

Capt. Don Dineen and his group of anglers from Louisiana pulled in some big red snapper aboard the Sure Lure. One of the red snapper was 15-plus pounds easy. Word was the big one was the first one over the rail. They also had a few black snapper and lane snapper as well.

Capt. Trey Windes on the Outta Line and his group of local anglers reeled in a limit of red snapper and a few scamp. As the deckhand was hanging up the fish, one of the anglers said, “It’s hard to have a bad time when you’re fishing."

Anglers on the Sea Winder with Capt. Chris Couvillion filled the racks with big red snapper, black snapper and mingo.

Capt. Eric Thrasher aboard the Game On backed in with eight king mackerel and a dozen red snapper.

Anglers on the High Cotton with Capt. TJ George came in with a mixed bag of red snapper, king mackerel and some big Spanish mackerel.

Nashville folks aboard the Only Way with Capt. Curt Gwin filled the nails with red snapper and a few amberine.

Capt. Steve Hauesler and his group from Marianna came in on the First Light with a variety of fish. They had plenty of red snapper, one grouper, a black snapper and a few mingo.

Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia anglers on the Stelluna with Capt. Judah Barbee landed some big red snapper and a scamp while Capt. Bud Miller on the Mighty Fine backed in with a couple of king mackerel, red snapper, lane snapper and a few mingo.

Texas and Nashville anglers on the Un Reel with Capt. Justin Destin loaded up on the red snapper, plus pulled in a few lane snapper and white snapper.

Virginia anglers on the Kitchen Pass with Capt. Travis Ream reeled in some big reds. They also had some big black snapper, and a few mingo and white snapper.

Texas anglers on the Tradewinds had a big day on the Gulf on Monday. They loaded up on red snapper, amberine, mingo, white snapper and a few lane snapper.

Capt. Brandy Miles-Kitchens on the 5th Day and her group filled the racks with red snapper and king mackerel.

Ohio, Georgia and Texas anglers on the Reel Legend with Capt. Chip Godwin had a great time fishing.

“This is the A team,” one of the anglers said after they got off the boat. They were all full of fish stories talking about fighting big shark as well as pulling in plenty of red snapper, mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Paul Cox and his anglers from Texas brought in a fine catch of red snapper and black snapper aboard the Fish-N-Teem.

Oklahoma anglers on the Double Time with Capt. Tim Adams hooked into some big red snapper. First-time Gulf fisherman Jimmy Cowan landed the biggest on the boat, a 15-plus pounder.

When asked if it pulled hard, Cowan said, “Yeah, I thought I was going to go over the side."

Anyhow he managed to get it on the boat and was more than happy to hold it up for a few photographs.

Fishing is still good and you have until the end of the month to get in on some of that snapper action.

See you at the docks.