Big fun on a small boat

Tina Harbuck
Capt. Kevin Price of the Cheshire cleans up the mornings catch of mingo while the Albrecht family looks on. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

The name of the boat may conjure up pictures of a big grinning cat, but it has nothing to do with cats or catfish. However, fishing aboard the Cheshire has been known to put a grin on folks' faces.

As a matter of fact, the Albrecht family from Illinois had a big time on the Cheshire last week fishing with Capt. Kevin Price.

“This was our first-time ever,” fishing in the Gulf, said Robyn Albrecht.

Terry, her husband, said he’s used to bass and bream fishing back home. However, the family had a blast and was ready to go again.

The Cheshire, a 23-foot Robalo center console, is docked at East Pass Marina is owned by Tyler Brielmayer and captained by Kevin Price.

Brielmayer said he hired Price this year to run the boat because he was “well known” and “does a good job.”

Price, 32, has been fishing out of Destin pretty much his whole life.

Although he grew up in Atlanta, he was here in the summers as a teenager and worked aboard the Hired Gun with Capt. Bill Waitzman.

And by 2009 Price had moved here full time.

He spent a couple of years aboard the party boat Swoop, and then fished a few seasons aboard the Makira with Capt. B.J. Teems. Price also worked on private boats such as the Gunnslinger and the Pearl.

Nevertheless, he’s glad to be back on the charter boat docks.

“I like running the little charter,” Price said. “It’s the first time I’ve fished state waters, so that was a change, but I like it,” he said.

State waters is from shore out to nine nautical miles.

Most of his time on the private boats was spent offshore chasing marlin.

“It was a challenge at first,” Price said of running the small charter. “It’s complete opposite from what you do offshore. I really had to lighten up my tackle, leaders and everything to get it down, but we’re doing OK.”

The Cheshire can hold up to six passengers, but Price doesn’t like to take more than four adults and maybe one child at a time.

“Six adults are pretty tight. I can fish five at a time and work the deck, but throw in that sixth person and it gets tough,” he said.

Like most small center console charters, Price is a one man show, from driving the boat to baiting hooks.

Aboard the Cheshire he does mostly bottom fishing trips for snapper, grouper and mingo. He also trolls for mackerel.

“People are just looking to take home something to eat,” he said.

So far he’s had a good season; running doubles most days during snapper season.

The Cheshire is Price’s first boat to captain by himself and he’s enjoying fishing where and how he wants too.

“I like it when people catch the biggest fish they’ve ever caught or kids that don’t care what it is," Price said. "They’re just happy to be catching something. I just love putting people on fish.”

Price has caught some big fish in his time from 700-plus-pound blue marlin to 200-pound yellowfin tuna.

“Honestly, I just love fishing,” Price said. “If it pulls back I want to catch it.”

As for what he’s got going now on the small charter, is big fun.

“This is fun fishing … it’s more laid back,” Price said.

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