FISH FLASH: Sometimes you just have to ’go for it’

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log
The Destin Log

What do fishing and football have in common?

Not really much at all.

However, Capt. Nick “Slay Daddy” Price did say he was in a “fourth-and-long situation” on Monday and he had to “go for it.”

Price’s “go for it” meant one more stop a bit further out.

And needless to say, he not only got a first down, but I’d have to say the crew aboard the Swoop scored a game-winning touchdown with their two tubs filled with mingo.

Capt. Price said prior to that last stop, fishing had been tough and they only had eight fish on the boat. At that point he made the decision to “go for it.”

And it paid off with his 38 anglers bringing in stringers filled with 2- to 3-pound mingo.

“That’s a crush catch,” Price said.

In the mix of mingo were a few amberine.

The Swoop wasn’t the only party boat to venture out on Monday, the Destiny with Capt. Dennis Kendrick at the helm took came in from a six-hour trip with a nice catch of fish.

Jerry Ervin of Michigan, who’s been making the trip to Destin for the past 29 years to fish, filled a stringer with mingo and a small Kitty Mitchell.

Craig Hansen of Minnesota pulled in a limit of mingo aboard the Destiny.

“It was great fun,” said Hansen, who’s been making the trek to Destin for the past six years.

Joe Clingan of Pennsylvania filled his stringer with mingo and white snapper.

“We had some good fish ... just not near enough,” Kendrick said, noting the bite was a bit finicky.

Capt. Steve Regan of the Wahoo took some of his help out for a fun little fishing trip just off the beach on Monday. They loaded up on the flounder.

Fishing is not too bad right now. And like Capt. Price says, sometimes you just have to “go for it.”

See you at the docks.