Spring flowers, the Easter holidays, warmer weather — all inspire newness and change, especially within a home’s decor. Tablescapes are easy, affordable ways to freshen interiors.

Shirlene Brooks, an Atlanta-based interior designer, suggested these artful and decorative ways to adorn a home’s dining table and other surfaces:

• Look for budding branches, spring flowers, moss, or a chunk of wood or bark. Fill vases and other containers, arrange items in a shallow dish, and use flat pieces of wood as chargers.

• “Don’t be afraid to layer tablecloths,”  

• Before a meal — whether casual or formal — DIY interesting place cards and fun paper place mats. Get ideas online. Or leave colored pencils, crayons and other art supplies on a table and allow family or guests to decorate their own.

• Fill one or several small, antique apothecary glass jars with a single stem of spring flowers or a small budding branch of a bush or tree. Pull out a mix of dishware, bowls and more. “Spring is about renewal,” said Brooks. “Don’t be afraid to mix tableware that is colorful and vibrant. Even mixing patterns can be fun.”

•  Arrange interesting foods in interesting containers. For example, Brooks’ “fun spring desserts” are chocolate pudding pots topped with a sprig of mint or edible flower. Small pots can be purchased at a discount or dollar store, cleaned, then filled with a homemade pudding or mousse. Guests might take home the small pot as well as a copy of the recipe.

• Expensive cloths to cover tables are not necessary, insisted Brooks: “Painter cloths are available at any Home Depot-type store, and they are inexpensive. Cut to the desired tablecloth size and fray the edges for a little flair.”

Fruit, herbs, greenery, seedlings in pots, nuts, leaves, dried berries and more are ideal, insisted New England-based home decorator Nina Hendrick in “How to Create a Tablescape.” Beautiful tablescapes are doable for a little money or no money at all, she said. One of her examples: “For Easter I’ve filled little Mason jars with moss and candy eggs to make a little nest …”